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« The good is the enemy of the better. »

Jürg Brauchli, Managing Partner


« When markets are turbulent, cool heads are required to make faresighted decisions. That is how we create added value for our clients. »

Christoph Eggenberger, Managing Partner


« In providing our asset management services, we are completely independent and therefore committed only to the interests of our clients. »

Philipp Wanger, Chairman of the board


« Quality is no coincidence, but the result of responsible action.»

Michael Jordi, Managing Partner

Our philosophy

  • We believe that everyone is an individual.
  • We are aware of the importance of a sound financial basis for many of the major decisions affecting your life.
  • We will therefore, with all our knowledge and experience, devote whatever time is required to assess your personal situation to properly meet your future needs.
  • Essential are clear analyses, long-term thinking, independence and a bit of luck.
  • At the end of the day, our philosophy adds up to your satisfaction!



Philipp Wanger

Chairman of the board

Attorney at law, trustee

Michael Jordi

Managing Director

Business degree from FH / HWV

Jürg Brauchli

Managing Director, Board of Directors

Business degree from HWV
Degree in financial analysis and asset managment AZEK

Oliver Noggler

Managing Director

Financial Advisor
CAS National and International Tax Law

Christoph Eggenberger

Managing Partner

Degree in business management from HF
Degree in financial analysis and asset management

Angelo Iannella

Managing Partner

EMBA FHO and federally certified asset manager and financial analyst

Thi Nga Tran-Nguyen